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Version: 1.9


A set of tools for building reliable services of any complexity.

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About Servactory

Servactory is a standardization of a unified approach to the development of reliable services of any complexity.

With Servactory you can do something simple, just like that:

class MinimalService < ApplicationService::Base
def call
# ...

And then call with:! # or

Or create something more complex:

class NotificationService::Send < ApplicationService::Base
input :comment, type: Comment
input :provider, type: NotificationProvider

internal :user, type: User
internal :status, type: String
internal :response, type: NotificatorApi::Models::Notification

output :notification, type: Notification

make :assign_user
make :assign_status

make :create_notification!
make :send_notification
make :update_notification!
make :update_comment!
make :assign_status


def assign_user
internals.user = inputs.comment.user

def assign_status
internals.status = StatusEnum::NOTIFIED

def create_notification!
outputs.notification = Notification.create!(user:, comment: inputs.comment, provider: inputs.provider)

def send_notification
service_result = outputs.notification)

return fail!(message: service_result.error.message) if service_result.failure?

internals.response = service_result.response

def update_notification!
outputs.notification.update!(original_data: internals.response)

def update_comment!
inputs.comment.update!(status: internals.status)

With a call like this:

# comment = Comment.first
# provider = NotificationProvider.first!(comment:, provider:)
# Or
#, provider:)

Reasons to use Servactory

Unified approach

The Ruby language is flexible and versatile. This fact indicates that the services in the applications begin to vary greatly, implementing a different development approach. Over time, this case complicates the development in the project and can make it difficult to understand the services.

Servactory standardizes the approach to development by offering the implementation of services only through the proposed API, describing the logic within classes uniformly.


Services written under Servactory are tested like standard Ruby classes. As a result of the unified approach to the development of services, their testing also becomes uniform.